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A-Week is designed to aid incoming first-year students in their transition from high school to college by providing programming focused on student success in and outside of their classroom experience. A-Week begins right after students move-in and is filled with events the week before the fall semester starts.  Each day of A-Week focuses on a specific theme related to student success including Tradition, Involvement, and Wellness. A-Week also aims to connect incoming students with both new and upperclassmen Razorbacks. Incoming students are placed in A-Teams that are led by an upper-class mentors who lead them through discussions and events related to the daily topics. 

Through A-Week, we hope that all new Razorbacks begin to find ways to make the U of A feel more like their new home. By attending A-Week, you will be welcomed  and introduced to everything our campus and community has to offer.


Themes of A-Week

Academic Success

We start A-Week off with an introduction to what to expect, academically, from your time in college. As a Razorback, you might become a lot of things: a member of a club, class president, an athlete….but what you all have in common is that you are a student first. The university provides many services and opportunities for you to grow and succeed as a scholar and a person while you spend time with us on The Hill.

Spirit & Tradition

The U of A is filled with many fun and unique traditions and as the newest additions to the Razorback community, we want to share those things with you during A-Week. The programs will introduce to our tradition of success and even show you how to properly “Call Those Hogs!”


The University of Arkansas embraces a culture that focuses on celebrating and improving the quality of life for the campus community. A-Week will provide multiple opportunities for you to explore what being well means to you and help position yourself for a happier, healthier and more successful life.


The U of A is fostering inclusive excellence and a welcome campus environment for everyone. As Razorbacks we envision a a world committed to inclusivity, where diversity, equity, access and civility are valued as a part of our culture, climate and everyday lives. A-Week is a cross-campus collaborative effort that aims to celebrate and explore the diversity of our student body.

Campus Engagement

Being engaged on campus means different things to different students and through A-Week we hope to help you find out what your engagement will look like. From community service to student leadership, A-Week will introduce you to ways that you can get involved and connected with people who share your interest.


The connection between the U of A and our surrounding community is so strong and is what makes our University community so special. Throughout A-Week, the programs will not only show you how our campus supports you, but also how the Northwest Arkansas and Fayetteville communities will enrich your college career.